Mudet Herbal MIxture Kick & Start 100ML

(10 customer reviews)


It is Effective for:

  • Diabetes
  • Low Sperm Count
  • Man Extra Power
  • Pile
  • Menstrual Pain
  • Gonorrhea
  • Hypertension
  • Body pain & Waist Pain
  • Stomach pain


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10 reviews for Mudet Herbal MIxture Kick & Start 100ML

  1. Bidemi

    Dosage for the mixture ,do I drink the whole 100ml at once

    • PrimeOja

      Yes, you can use the whole 100ML bottle at once. Or for a start half bottle to see how it works on you first. For a faster response please always email support. Thank you!

  2. Yasim Vincent

    I have no knowledge about it. But is it safe to use for men who have Diabetes and Hypertension

    • PrimeOja

      It is a safe drink, but it might be more effective for sexual enhancement than Diabetes. The most effective for Diabetes on primeoja is Abere seeds and Abere powder. Thank you!

  3. Lasunkanmi Oyewole

    I am in need of your products i.e Mudet herbal, where are the locations of your marketers within Olomi Area, Ibadan for easy purchase when necessary.

    • PrimeOja

      We are only shipping within the Unites States.

  4. Tyreka

    Does it really work for gonorhea ?

    • PrimeOja

      No, it doesn’t work for gonorhea

  5. Theresa A

    D you ship to canada ?

    • PrimeOja

      We only ship Within the United States, but if you email Support your address we can check how much shipping can cost. Thank you

  6. Titi A

    D you have something for thyroid and fibroid

    • PrimeOja

      Yes we do have Powerderd Herbs for Fibroid

  7. Titi A

    Does it work for thyroid ?

  8. Bright Ahenkorah

    I have tried it and it. Only enhanced my sexual prowess but i was expecting decreased in my blood sugar but it was the direct opposite, so why include diabetes while knowing it’s not a cure for it ?

    • PrimeOja

      Primeoja is not the manufacturer of all herbal drinks on primeoja. We are resellers. Kick and start herbal drink works more for sexual enhancement than diabetes per customers review. We do have Abere seeds/Abere Powder that works perfect for diabetes. Please type in primeoja on YouTube to see how that works. Please send an email to if you have any further questions. Thank you

  9. Gabe

    Please at what time interval can I use it before sexual activities

    • PrimeOja

      An hour before. Thank you!

  10. Jayeola

    I’ve been feeling unconscious like I want to vomit since I drink this herb I hope I’m safe sha 😔

    • PrimeOja

      Please stop drinking if it makes you uncomfortable. We currently have over 17 herbal drink on our website please try other drink. Maybe Jekomo. Thank you!

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