Diabetes Natural Roots Set (Egbo Igi Ito Sugar)


Diabetes Natural Roots Set (Egbo Igi Ito Sugar).

This natural roots and powder will support your sugar level. It works so great without any side effects.

How to use: Empty the roots in the Brown bag, put all in an empty juice bottle, add water to soak for 3 days.

How to drink: Drain the water out with a tea strainer into a cup, add a teaspoon full of the powder in the purple bag, mix together and drink. (You can add Abere Powder if you want too)

Drink the herbal juice Morning before eating and at night before bed time ( Please eat dinner before 7PM)

Watch your sugar intake and always check your sugar, because these roots will lower your sugar fast without any side effects. Once your sugar is regulated after maybe a month or two, you can then eat anything, BUT when you eat icecream or anything sweet just drink the juice, it will go back down.

Once your sugar is regulated, only drink every night. This is very Bitter!

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